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KRISHNA Aniaml Prosthetic Limb - 1st in the Country

KRISHNA Aniaml Prosthetic Limb - 1st in the Country
Artificial Prosthetic Limb for Animals by Dr Tapesh Mathur: Contact for Case and Service for Cows - 09928015504

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Vet house calls for pets increasingly popular....

 If people have doctors that make house calls, why isn't there a mobile animal clinic for people who have pets that need some care and/or give their pets shots. .....?
"House-call and mobile veterinarians are gaining in popularity, with more and more practitioners recognizing the value and level of care they can provide to pet owners outside the clinic walls. Providing mobile veterinary services allows veterinarians to provide pet care to pets who get nervous or anxious about leaving the home and visiting the veterinarian’s office. They provide a valuable service to pet owners who for whatever reason — whether it be physical limitations or the lack of transportation — find it difficult to leave the home. Mobile clinics also visit low-income areas in an effort to provide easy-accessible, low-cost veterinary services.

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