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KRISHNA Aniaml Prosthetic Limb - 1st in the Country

KRISHNA Aniaml Prosthetic Limb - 1st in the Country
Artificial Prosthetic Limb for Animals by Dr Tapesh Mathur: Contact for Case and Service for Cows - 09928015504

Friday, 6 March 2015

Strongly objects to re-classification of ketamine drug

WVA strongly objects to re-classification of ketamine, as this could lead to ketamine no longer being available to veterinary and medical clinicians, especially in remote areas.

WVA opposes rescheduling of Ketamine - PRESS RELEASE

Ketamine is an important drug for anaesthesia in veterinary medicine. It is used for veterinary medical interventions and to restrain dangerous animals. Since it is often the only available, injectable anaesthetic drug, it cannot be missed. The World Veterinary Association (WVA) therefore opposes initiatives to restrict the availability of Ketamine by placing it in Schedule I of the 1971 UN Convention on psychotropic substances. WVA supports the decision of WHO ECDD not to recommend ketamine scheduling.

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