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KRISHNA Aniaml Prosthetic Limb - 1st in the Country

KRISHNA Aniaml Prosthetic Limb - 1st in the Country
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Friday, 24 April 2015

World Veterinary Day-25 APRIL 2015

World Veterinary Day-25 APRIL 2015

World Veterinary Day was instigated by the World Veterinary Association (WVA) in 2000 to be celebrated annually on the last Saturday of April.
 Vector-borne zoonotic diseases are becoming a major public health concern in all world regions and are not limited only to tropical and subtropical areas. Changes in Global climate influences the increase of emerging and re-emerging vector-borne diseases and disease outbreaks (e.g. Malaria, Dengue, CCHF, Chikungunya, Filaria, Japanese Encephalitis,(Insects vector ), West-Nile Disease, Kala azar or Leishmaniosis(Sand fly vector ) etc.). Vector-borne zoonotic diseases are an important example of the interdependence that exists between vectors, animal hosts, climate conditions, pathogens, and susceptible human population. Veterinarians are key actors of the One Health Concept at the animal-human-environment interface. Therefore, they play a central role in safeguarding Public Health. Collaboration and coordination between veterinarians and physicians are fundamental to prevent and then treat vector-borne diseases.

Suggested activities and celebrations Examples of activities :
· Concerts, public performances, marchs, etc.
 · Media involvement such newspaper articles, radio and television discussion on WVD theme etc.).
 · Seminars and workshops in universities on WVD 2015 theme.
 · Education sessions for public and children on WVD 2015 theme.
· Release studies, statistical data, surveys related to the WVD 2015 theme.
 · Celebrate the works of a notable researcher or veterinarian on WVD 2015 theme.
 · Run workshops and set up booths in the street to inform the general public on WVD 2015 theme.
· Create a website containing general information about WVD 2015 theme.
· Promote activities on WVD 2015 theme through social media.
· Distribution of promotion materials related to WVD 2015 theme.

 · Any other initiative will be most welcome!!!

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