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KRISHNA Aniaml Prosthetic Limb - 1st in the Country

KRISHNA Aniaml Prosthetic Limb - 1st in the Country
Artificial Prosthetic Limb for Animals by Dr Tapesh Mathur: Contact for Case and Service for Cows - 09928015504

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Disabled Animal Can Walk now with KRISHNA Limb - Dr Tapesh

1st Artificial Limb in the Country, Low Cost and Easy to Use, Maneka Gandhi also shows interest  

Dr Tapesh Mathur (Govt Veterinary Doctor, Rajasthan) has been successful in his experiment (20 Feb, 2014) with Prosthetic Limb for Disabled animals after 2 failed attempts in past. He has named it KRISHNA Limb after the name given to the 2 yr old calf who is now enjoying and undergoing physiotherapy using this limb. This calf who had come to Goshala 6 months back (time when he was picked for limb) after an accident and had one of its leg amputated, was otherwise confined to the closet and could hardly move. Now as he undergoes exercise during therapy (2 hrs daily) using the artificial limb, he runs here and there and sometimes it becomes hard to catch hold of him. His (Krishna's) excitement is so overwhelming that he barely mingle up with rest like him and moves amid healthy lot of cows. 
The second success has also come with another Calf of 3 years (with little improvisation on the first one) today at another Goshala (Pijarapol Goshala) and many pet lovers and Goshalas have approached him for the same.  

As per Dr Tapesh these limbs can be used by any animal where its caretaker is ready to bear the responsibility of initial therapy and further care.  

Maneka Gandhi has also seen his work and met him to know the details. He has visited Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre (on 26th Feb) to know about the need of the limb and customize it as per the need and current status of the animal. Doctor Mathur is further researching possibility to have prosthetic limb for above the knee disability in animals. 

Journey for a mission has just begun! He can be reached on 09414262637 for queries on the subject. 

KRISHNA - 20th Feb, 2014 - First Calf to Use Artificial Limb 
at Hingonia Goshala, Jaipur 

Calf using 2nd KRISHNA limb at Pinjarapol Goshala, Jaipur  
Coverage on First India news channel

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