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KRISHNA Aniaml Prosthetic Limb - 1st in the Country

KRISHNA Aniaml Prosthetic Limb - 1st in the Country
Artificial Prosthetic Limb for Animals by Dr Tapesh Mathur: Contact for Case and Service for Cows - 09928015504

Friday, 8 July 2011

“doctor mode".

 When we are talking about work-related issues we have a "doctor voice".  There is distinct volume, tone, speech pattern and these changes we have developed unconsciously and we use it when we are speaking as a veterinarian.  A psychologist could probably give more insight, but I believe that it's a way of speaking that blends compassion, authority, knowledge, and ease of description.  We can say it is a “doctor mode".

 It is involuntarily, when we speak to our friends, relatives or people about their pets, we automatically tend to use this voice, often not realizing it.  It is just like a slipping on a mother’s lap when a child seems fear - a comfortable zone……

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